Only 27 days to go...

…and we’ll be off into our holidays again. Guess where we’re headed: right! India it is!

I’ve been looking forward to this for ages and we prepared for the trip by:

  • having lots Indian food (always the best way to prepare ;-))
  • watching Indian movies
  • reading Indian books
  • checking the map
  • etc etc etc

I know this is going to to be awesome and I’m quite sure that this won’t have been the last time, we’ve been to India. It’s a shame we can only go for 2,5 weeks.

Right now our plan is to do roughly this tour, so if you have

  • advice
  • recommendations
  • places to definitely see
  • detour plans we should consider
  • crazy ideas
  • etc, etc.

post a comment below.


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2008-06-16 16:46 +0200

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