June 10, 2008

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I was very excited to see Jono finally announce Severed Fifth (digg it). He had mentioned the idea to me before and I’ll be sure to check regularly into what’s happening in the project. I listened to the .ogg announcement and besides Jono’s sexy narrator voice I realised that the part about how culture evolves and how we need to be free to be creative reminded me a lot of the Amen Break documentary. Also having seen Jono perform before, I’m keen to hear the music that he recorded all on his own.

In other news, I’m very happy about all the great comments, blog pingbacks etc I’ve heard about my mixtapes. It’s a lot more fun to record them in the evening knowing that somebody else is going to enjoy them too.

Those of you who are a bit familiar with Drum’n’Bass music might find this funny: I took my turntables and mixer to Prague for Ubuntu Allstars. Looking at the slipmats at least four people asked me “So this stands for Holy Holbach?” No, it doesn’t!

One event I forgot to blog about was the one night where André Klapper took us to his favorite place in Prague: Cross Club. First of all the place is amazing: the decoration is crazy and worthwhile seeing on its own. The night we were there an African Reggae Band played and afterwards Mr. Balkanbeats from Berlin played some records: Mr. Robert Šoko. I was absolutely exicted to go there and made an interesting discovery: when I played some samples of the music to some people who weren’t aware of it on the day before, I got some pretty reserved comments on the lines of “Oh… interesting.” - it was great that the people who joined us on that night and didn’t know much about the music just went nuts on the dance floor. It seems you need to enjoy Balkan music live on the Dance floor to really like it.

The good news is, Robert Šoko just released the third Balkanbeats compilation: guess what’s playing over here? :-)

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