June 12, 2008

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MOTU Videos

Most of you are aware of the Ubuntu Developers youtube channel already. The comments I got up until now were really great and I hope it’s interesting and useful to all of you. We also revived videos.ubuntu.com - check out the first MOTU Video on there in .ogg format too.

I’d like to hear some more feedback from you and hear more suggestions for videos that you’d like to see: be it an interview you’d like to see, a packaging technique or whatever else. I set up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Videos and in addition to the request list and the possibility to indicate “hey I’m work on this”, it also has instructions on how to get your Ubuntu development videos on to the channel.

Go wild and be creative about it, I’m sure this is going to be an awesome collection of videos. If you managed to record a group-hug at an Ubuntu conference, it should definitely go on there too. :-)

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