Thanks for the Hugs

It’s not just about the flash hug, but more general: UDS and FOSSCamp have been absolutely brilliant - the best we ever had. It was great to meet lots of the brilliant people of various communities and have fruitful discussions all day and all night. Lots of hugs too. If I disregard the dose of Ubu-flu I got myself, I feel completely powered up and ready to get new efforts started during the Intrepid cycle.

So what’s been happening?

  • We talked a lot about Packaging Jams and Bug Jams. Expect something BIG to be announced soon-ish.
  • We’re going to think harder about $(language) Development Teams.
  • There’s been a lot of discussions about Universe QA. The broad consensus was that we need to be more pro-active and have better means of finding opportunities and measuring our success. Expect some announcements soon-ish.
  • I spent some time with our friends at Sun and they were very interested in getting more involved with Ubuntu development which is just great.
  • Lots of other discussions about handling of patches, dealing with package components, distributed development, QA, QA, QA, Launchpad, bzr, LoCos, getting people involved, etc.

One thing I’m really proud of looking back was Ubuntu Allstars: the idea was to rent a club, hire some instruments, form an Ubuntu band, do a gig and play some records afterwards.

The band was awesome: Luke “TheMuso-vich” was just brilliant on the keyboard and the drums, Jono, Bill, Tony, Jorge, Graham, Matt, Martin and Mark I had seen jamming before - they were their usual rocking selves. Also Howard Chu played the violin, which was an awesome addition to the mix.

I’d like to thank a few people who helped so much organising the event: the very professional and helpful people at K Audio and at XT3, our Ubuntu-local Sound and Light engineers, Claire and last but not least: Pavel Tuma. He’s been helping me to find a venue and an instrument rental service for weeks and organised quite a few things locally although he unfortunately couldn’t make it to the event itself.

I very much looked forward to the end of the night: James Westby and I brought the best of two worlds together: Ubuntu and Drum’n’Bass. I never played for such an ecstatic crowd and particularly not for a crowd that good at doing such amazing football chants of the DJ’s names. Rock On everybody, you know who you are. :-) (If you liked the music, you might like my mixtapes too.)

James played a bunch of great tunes and it was great to see how much everybody enjoyed it. The only negative aspects of the night were: I managed to break a lever on my mixer and additionally managed to get my rented car towed to the outskirts of Prague - but that didn’t spoil my mood much.

Does anybody have recommendations for good DJ headphones - particularly solid ones that works well in loud environments?

So thanks again for the words of praise, the hugs, the beer and the good feedback. I look forward to meeting you all soon again.

My 5 today: #234288 (grub2), #234992 (apturl), #233953 (kiwi), #234457 (ygraph), #234928 (gnochm) Do 5 a day - every day!


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2008-05-27 13:33 +0200

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