I wasn’t involved a lot in this year’s release party planning, but what the Ubuntu Berlin team came up with is amazing:

  • CD Burning station
  • Talk: What’s new in Hardy?
  • Talk: Gobuntu - Why we need yet another Ubuntu
  • Talk: How to get Ubuntu Support
  • Talk: KDE4
  • Talk: Going to sleep and waking up with pm-utils
  • Talk: Cool Features of Compiz Fusion
  • Talk: FFII - Free Software Without Patents
  • Gig: Samba Band!
  • Gig: (at least one) DJ-Set
  • Drinks, Food, Fun :-)

Check out the english announce text here. I so look forward to April 26th - this is going to be great. :-)

My 5 today: #94120 (sysvinit), #202431 (findutils), #220187, #220394 (gnome-subtitles), #213398 (samsung-q1-ultra-config)
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