April 11, 2008

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Finding a good name...

… can sometimes block the whole operation. Just think of good bands that never formed, events that were never launched, startup companies with brilliant ideas, they all didn’t happen because people gave up after two evenings of “How are we going to call the baby?”

This case is less melodramatic and everything is already in place, we’re just lacking the good name: the MOTU Council will approve ubuntumembers for their good contributions to the MOTU team. Everybody’s happy with the general idea, some people were less happy about the name of ‘Universe Hackers’. Lots of other ideas around “Masters of the Universe”, around “Universe something”, around “Contributing Developer something” were mentioned and turned down for a number of reasons:

  • “hacker? sounds like cracker”
  • “code monkey? no way!” (although that was intended for a different team)
  • etc etc.

The team will consist of people who have done good work within the Ubuntu Developers team and are recognised for their contributions and will join the Ubuntu Developers soon too.

Do you have a good idea? Please add a comment to this post. :-)

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