April 18, 2008

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Events Galore!

Make sure you get your calendar out and put these dates in:

  • April 24th - Hardy Release! What could be better than celebrating the latest and greatest Ubuntu with your friends. Find out if somebody near you plans a party already.
  • April 28th - May 3rd - It’s Ubuntu Open Week again. So after we’ve all partied and celebrated the release, it’s the perfect time to see what’s going on in our community, see what’s planned for Intrepid, talk, listen, ask questions and have a good time. (Digg it!)
  • May 16th - May 17th - Come to Prague and check out the free software un-conference: FOSSCamp. See what’s cooking in all kinds of Open Source camps, learn, chat, discuss new and great ideas.
  • May 19th - May 23rd - It’s time for a UDS again. In Prague we’ll discuss what’s going to go into Intrepid, a great chance to meet other developers, plan ahead, get involved and have a good time. (Thanks to our friends at ubuntu-cz you can prepare your visit to Prague properly.)

Update: Julius Bloch asked me to add:

Hope to see you all there! :-)

My 5 today: #191704 (bluez-utils), #164491 (ubuntu-meta), #208120, #193764 (evolution-scalix), #207464 (labyrinth) Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

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