Your shipment of awesome...

… has arrived. Fixing Hardy and tidying it up is fully underway and lots of fixes get in by the minute. If you want to help out, excellent! Joining 5 A Day is fun and helping to really fix those bugs a great way to get started.

Talking of 5-A-Day:we’re “Updated to revision 2719” already. I never would have dreamed of that energy and commitment. :-)

In other news Siegfried Gevatter and Jonathan Patrick Davies delivered the first ever Catalan Packaging Jam!

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As you can see, rocking work is happening all around you, join the fun today!

My 5 today: #208412 (tor), #208423 (bluez-gnome), #196696 (bcfg2), #209537 (diffstat), #204496 (gnome-schedule)
Do 5 a day - every day!


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2008-03-31 16:50 +0200

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