March 6, 2008

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Really Fix It!

I wrote a script that sets up this list of bugs: As you might gather from the name of the page: these are bugs that are ‘almost’ fixed and just have to be fixed for real:

  • Bugs fixed elsewhere (upstream or in a different Distro)
  • Bugs have a patch attached
  • Bugs that are in the Sponsoring Queue

It’d be nice to get as many of these fixed as possible for release.

Please, if you touch any of the packages on the list, try to look at the other open bugs - you might be able to fix them with the same upload.

This is a great way to get started (and excellent fodder for 5 a day):

Let’s make Hardy ROCK and let’s get those bugs fixed once for all!

My 5 today: #182571 (samba), #198907 (texinfo), #132191 (bzr-gtk), #156451 (labyrinth), #145019 (bzr-builddeb) Do 5 a day - every day!

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