March 13, 2008

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Packaging Jams

How many times have you heard “I’d really like to help make Ubuntu better!” in your LUG or LoCo? I heard it a fair few times. Of course you can tell people to just read the Packaging Guide but there’s something that’s a lot more fun than that: run a Packaging Jam together!

What do you need for that?

  • a venue (LUG, University, some place with network and power for everybody, a projector)
  • a time and date
  • a tutor (I’m sure you have somebody in your LoCo or LUG who played around with Packaging before and knows how to present this material)
  • session material (HA! One point already resolved.)

Of course you need to let people know about it. Check out our Packaging Jam Info site for more tips about that and how to get the Jam going. Please drop me an email, if you do.

I’m really excited we have the Packaging Jams below already, but we need more! Get cracking and activate your LoCo friends, start a Packaging Jam today!

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