UDW - day 2

Awesome awesome awesome! I had a great time yesterday and so did another 200 people in #ubuntu-classroom.

  • Yesterday we started off with Søren Hansen’s session about Virtualisation - not being much into Virtualisation myself I didn’t know what to expect. What happened was amazing: we had a bunch of experts in the room and lots of questions were fired ar Søren, who did quite well to stay on top of things. #ubuntu-virt is the place to be if you want to know more.

  • Next up was my session about the Processes in MOTU-land - preparing the session I realised that the amount of processes is really not that daunting and that it’s quite straight-forward to find your way around. It got better than that: the attendants of the session were really surprised that it’s THAT straight-forward. I got loads and loads of good questions all around Ubuntu Development. Get started too.

  • Jussi Kekkonen, Jonathan Riddell and other Kubuntu hackers then joined the festivities and brought us some love of the big K. Lots of new KDE enthusiasts were there and this komment seems to have been inevitable:

    Tm_T: thank you all for Kood questions :))

  • Luis de Bethencourt Guimerá, Jani Monoses, Joe Jackson and others gave us insight on the huge landscape of Derivatives - minutes after the session the derivatives mailing list has a big influx of new subscriptions. Good work everybody!

  • The last session of the day was Debdiffs And How To Get Them Submitted given by myself. I was absolutely astounded to see how seamlessly everybody followed on the instructions and how many good debdiffs we had at the end. I expect an avalanche of good patches coming on soon. :-)

Two days are over already and three action-laden days of UDW lie ahead. What’s up today?

  • 16:00 UTC - I will talk about MOTU Processes again, if you couldn’t make the session yesterday here’s your chance to learn all about what’s going on in MOTU land.
  • 17:00 UTC - Launchpad Hacker Tim Penhey will be up next: sharing insights on all the great stuff you can do with bzr and Launchpad. Excellent!
  • 18:00 UTC - MOTU Contributor Nicolas Valcárcel will talk you through your first steps to contribute within the MOTU team by talking you through MOTU/TODO/Bugs and MOTU/TODO - way to go Nicolas!
  • 19:00 UTC - The unstoppable Sébastien Bacher, part of the Desktop mafia, will tell you how to get started in the Desktop team and contribute there.
  • 20:00 UTC - Luca Falavigna and William Grant will have the last session of the day and explain how Stable Release Updates and Security Updates are done.

Join in the action. Ubuntu Developer Week is waiting for you! (Digg It!)


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2008-02-20 10:13 +0100

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