So last week we had the first Packaging Jam in Berlin. It was brilliant! The people at the NewThinking store were great and we had everything set up in just a few minutes. 20-25 people showed up who asked loads and loads of questions, we had a great time. The topics ranged from creating a debdiff over how best to collaborate with Debian to how bits and pieces of library packaging works. It was stunning to see how fast people got up to scratch.

I’d like to see this becoming an institution of Ubuntu Berlin and host regular Packaging Jams and Bug Jams too. (I’ll keep you informed…)

Mr. “V for Vortex” was kind enough to organise a video camera and to film the whole session, it will just require some editing before we put it online somewhere. Thanks to the unstoppable Caspar Clemens Mierau we also have pictures of the event.

My 5 today: Bug 95594 (linux-source-2.6.20), Bug 66518 (gksu), Bug 78527 (gnome-system-tools), Bug 111491 (vnc4), Bug 81784 (hotkey-setup) Do 5 a day - every day!