February 19, 2008

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Not intended

Aristotelis Grammatikakis just let me know that the hand gesture in my last blog entry is deemed highly offensive in Greece. To my readers in dear Hellas: this was not intended at all and I’m thankful to learn about differences in our cultures. Even if this incident was a bit unfortunate, it’s something I love about the Ubuntu community: being in touch with so many people in so many different countries and learning a bit more about them every day is just great. Apologies to all my greek readers again.

It seems like ages since we did our trip to Greece - for those of you who haven’t seen them yet: I put pictures of the trip up and used a lot of them to accompany my mixtape blog posts already. They still absorb me every time I look at them.

It’s really time for another trip and Mimi and I were pondering India (among other destinations). The Lonely Planet guide mentions ~220mm of rain in July/August in a lot of cities like Delhi. Is that much? Can anybody comment? I spent quite some time reading the guide on the weekend and in the evening we watched some movies and it was just great to recognise some places (just from reading up on the topic).

Let’s see where the trip goes in the end…

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