End of UDW

Boy, what a great week it was! Here the last day in retrospective:

  • We started off with another round of “Patching Packages” of Martin Pitt. This session seems to become an institution in Ubuntu Open Week / Ubuntu Developer Week and that’s for a good reason: 95% of all uploads are changing a package and in a lot of cases you will have to apply patches. Martin is well experienced and delivered a great session.
  • Next up were Celso Providelo and Matthew Revell and introduced us to PPAs and answered a lot of questions. This was the second session about PPAs they gave and it was just awesome to have Celso and Matthew there.
  • The MOTU Q&A session at UDW was a great success. Regularly at 13:00 UTC we decided to move it into a UDW slot to demonstrate this as an institution in the MOTU landscape. There was a vast diversity of questions and I immensely enjoyed it.
  • Stefan Potyra gave a 2h50m session about Library Packaging. If you weren’t there, read the logs it was absolutely fantastic and awesome learning material!

A whole week, twenty-five sessions, ~200 people in the sessions on average - I’m short of superlatives when trying to describe it. WOW! We’ll definitely repeat this.

I’d like to thank a few people hugely:

  • all attendants: you made this event worthwhile by asking your questions and spreading excitement, energy and enthusiasm. You guys rock and know who you are. Keep it up! (Oh and by the way, if I haven’t plugged the page often enough, please check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted :-))
  • all speakers: thanks a lot for taking the time to deliver world-class tutorial sessions - fantastic work everybody!
  • The Scribes Team: all meeting logs are available instantly after the particular UDW day - keep it up!
  • Jono and Jorge: thanks for supporting me through the organisation and everything.
  • Mimi: thanks for making me coffee in the 21:00 UTC slots. I love you. :-)

My 5 today: #195251 (minc), #191577 (gparted), #195237 (totem-pl-parser), #157663 (lckdo, moreutils), #190375 (kdebase-workspace)
Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day


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2008-02-25 10:29 +0100

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