What do the cities Maracay (Venezuela), Brussels (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), Glen Ellyn (Illinois, USA), Clarkston (Michigan, USA) have in common?

  • More than 50 inhabitants? Right…
  • Not in UTC +0800? Yep, right too…
  • Uhhh…

Yes, they had Packaging Jams there!

What Packaging Jams are you might ask? It’s a great way to get the people of your Loco Team (and LUG) involved in packaging. has instructions and useful tips to started and great tutorial material.

Be sure to add your event to and blog about it. It’s big fun and just a great feeling to be working together with your local friends on Ubuntu.

Share the love, run a Packaging Jam in your city.

My 5 today: #195251 (minc), #191577 (gparted), #195237 (totem-pl-parser), #157663 (lckdo, moreutils), #190375 (kdebase-workspace)
Do 5 a day – every day!

  • Cypher

    Just for info : Brussels is the city, and Belgium the country… Even more, Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and the capital of EU as well…

  • Daniel Holbach

    Cypher: of course it is. Sorry – fixed.

  • I was wondering why a little balloon was sitting on my house/uni when this first opened up in Akregator 🙂

    I am going to plan on doing another event, strictly a packaging jam, and hopefully get one of the original Debian Developers to show up and teach the almighty CDBS 🙂

  • Daniel Holbach

    Bring it on, nixternal – that’d be awesome!