It has been mentioned in a couple of places before, but it’s LIVE now: 5-A-Day! It’s your ultimate chance to make a difference. See here how to participate and spread the word at the same time.

I’m so excited! :-)

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If you’re totally up for 5-a-Day don’t forget to these two session later today:

  • 18:00 UTC - Bughelper leads Brian Murray and Markus Korn are there! Bughelper and python-launchpad-bugs are used in lots and lots of places in the Ubuntu Development landscape already and as someone who worked on bughelper and python-launchpad-bugs previously I appreciate the “Bughelper - Making Bug Work Easier” session a lot, because these tools are the best thing since sliced bread.
  • 19:00 UTC - Desktop QA Master Pedro Villavivencio will be there and will talk about Bug Triage. With 25 points in the GNOME Bugzilla and a third place on the Ubuntu Bug statistics you can trust me: this man knows what he’s talking about. Meet Pedro - get started in the BugSquad!


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2008-02-21 15:36 +0100

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