Hardy Sprint

There’s been a lot of real good stuff going on at the Hardy Sprint in Millbank Tower (Jorge already reported.) I personally had loads of sessions with the other horsemen, discussions with the QA folks (Help close basically fixed bugs!) and found all the hallway chats to be just great: it’s so easy to resolve issues if you have everybody around.

Unfortunately I got a serious dose of the ‘plague’. I heard some ominous coughing on another desk and thought: “Oh no, please not the plague again.” and a day later I was feeling bad myself. That groggy I was unable to join Kees, Brian, Leann, Tim and others rocking out in London’s Fabric - I missed LTJ Bukem+MC Conrad, Utah Jazz, Artificial Intelligence and others. D’OH! Today I’m not as feverish as I was yesterday, but not back to my usual 110% yet.

On a different note, I’m happy to see more and more MOTU logs coming up. They are an interesting read, a sign of how active our new contributors are and a great resource to find out where MOTU could be even more straight-forward. Keep it up guys!


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2008-01-28 10:37 +0100

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