Q: I know about Packaging myself, but want to show others in my area how cool it is and how it works. Is there any material available?

A:  _We call these events “Packaging Jams”. Organisational information is available on the wiki, also find Hands On Material on the wiki (derived from the PackagingGuide). Take it away to your university, class, LUG or some friends on your block. Enjoy! :-) _

Q:  What does FTBFS mean? What ITP? What NMU?

A:  Take a look at UbuntuDevelopment/Abbreviations:

  • FTBFS: Fails To Build From Source
  • ITP: Intent To Package
  • NMU: Non-Maintainer Upload

If you wonder about anything else, you can try wtf (in the bsdgames package).

daniel@bert:~$ wtf brb
BRB: [I'll] be right back
daniel@bert:~$ wtf wtf
WTF: {what,where,who,why} the fuck

Q: I love the forums - where can I get my daily dose of Packaging Love?

A: Check out this forum section. It has everything you need. Good answers to all your questions and important announcements as stickies.


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