The Drum’n’Bass diaries are back. It took me from June 14th to December 3rd to post a new mix tape and in the meantime a lot happened: there was my road trip to Greece, the release, UDS, AllHands, etc. I never really gave up on Drum’n’Bass, I even bought new records, but I didn’t record as much in the evenings.

Some weeks ago I bought a new Hi-Fi System and some days ago new cables and everything, so I’m all set again. Maybe I’ll manage to finally upload a good more dubby set and I plan to do one with the good old tracks from 1996 to 1998. Also Michal called me some days ago to let me know that there are a bunch of new parties planned in the new year, what I’m very pleased about is that some are going to be in Görlitzer Park, which is just around the corner and just a great place to be (pic).