November 29, 2007

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Here goes another round of “Ask MOTU” questions and answers.

Q: I want to build , but don’t have to have lots of useless development packages on my system. What do I do?

A: Checkout PbuilderHowto or DebootstrapChroot.

  • pbuilder is a tool that will build a minimal environment for every source package you give it, just containing build-essential plus the packages specified in Build-Depends. Also it’s a great way to find out if you got the Build-Depends right. (Use pbuilder-dist (of the ubuntu-dev-tools package) to have several different pbuilders, like one for Dapper, one for Edgy, etc.)
  • A chroot is such a minimal environment, you can easily dive into it by using the chroot command.

Q: What is the MOTU Council? What does it do?

A: The MOTU Council approves new MOTU members (find out how on the UbuntuDevelopers page) also it serves as a conflict resolution board in the MOTU Team.

Q: I’m interested in a lot of different things - how can I help out?

A: Most teams have TODO pages you can help out with, some of them are categorised by CategoryTeamTODOPage on the wiki. Some very good examples are:

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