October 18, 2007

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Cool stuff in MOTU land

Great news everybody. First of all, our bearded friend, Jono Bacon is working towards MOTU-ship. Also, we’ll have a MOTU Q&A session, on Friday, 19th Oct on 14:00 UTC in #ubuntu-classroom.

One of the key things I wanted to get working on was MOTU Documentation; it had been growing to a degree where it confused a lot of new contributors. The plan was to remove a few pages (done), merge a bunch of pages into http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment (nearly done) and move the packaging guide to the wiki and merge our packaging documentation into it (WIP). So far I’m quite happy how it turns out: UbuntuDevelopment is becoming the definite guide, when it comes to processes and how things are done in Ubuntu. Also I quite like to use categories for wiki maintenance.

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