September 12, 2007

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The Big Wiki Cleanup

One thing that has been agreed on in the MOTU team for lots of times and something I always wanted to get working on is cleaning up the Ubuntu MOTU Wiki. The MOTU team has grown in size and processes and direction and into lots of interesting ideas since the team was started around three years ago and so has its wiki namespace.

The Ubuntu wiki’s title search finds 222 pages. Lots of them are either

  • redundant
  • out of date
  • unclear
  • or not coherent in any sense.

Emmet Hikory and I propose in this spec how to deal with those pages. Some will get merged into the UbuntuDevelopment pages, some unceremoniously dropped, some made official and better integrated with the rest of the pages. If you see these headers on wiki pages you will know what to do.

The key ideas for the wiki of the future are:

  • MOTU page is a start-off page, which will make it easy to get an overview over what MOTU is and how to get involved.
  • No stale or confusing wiki pages.
  • Development docs merged with UbuntuDevelopment
  • no redundancy

Please do comment on the ideas so we can soon start kicking off Doc Days!

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