Desktop Team interview: Fernando Ribeiro

This time we present you Fernando Ribeiro, who’s been doing great work in the last months.

If you want to know more about the Desktop Team, check this page. We have lots of places to get involved in.

Short info: I’m an open source enthusiast. IRC nick name: fernando **City: ** Brasília, Brazil Age: 26 Website:

When did you join the Ubuntu Desktop Team or for how long have you been involved with Ubuntu?

I joined the Ubuntu desktop team really more or less three months ago. I’ve been working with packages and bug fixes to ubuntu (feisty and gutsy). I love the gnome project in all of it’s aspects.

How did you get involved there?

I spent a long time looking for a project to contribute. Then I found ubuntu. Studying a little of packages and helping with packaging.

What have you been working on since then?

I’ve been helping with bugs, developing bughelper and packaging some updates to gnome, fwbuilder, atk and others. You can check the full list at

What do you think is most important as a new contributor? What helped you most on your way as a new contributor to the team?

To be a new contributor it’s necessary to know what you are expecting, and where the project needs most help. I see the project as a piece of a bigger world. You can be part (a little piece) of the world. Mr. Daniel Holbach and Mr. Sebastian Bacher have help me in my way to create a better piece ;-) Thank you.

What do you want to work on next?

I’m in MOTU process with dholbach my mentor. I have hope that he has patience with me =).

What do you like about Ubuntu?

What called my attention in ubuntu was the easiness of contact with the responsible people for the project. That is sufficiently interesting, therefore, I felt isolated without this contact in other distributions. The Desktop is really great, easy, clean, fast and power. My wife is using it and loving it =)

What would you like to see improved in Ubuntu?

The file sharing needs a good review. The ACLs support for file sharing needs a good review too. For enterprise use ubuntu needs a better integration between calendar, mail, chat, editor and file sharing.

How does your virtual desktop and your real desktop look like?

My virtual desktop has many terminals, xchat, gnome-ppp, music-applet, rhythmbox and firefox (my igoogle have mail, calendar, reader, gtalk, todo and docs).

My real desktop is hp dv4015cl laptop (yes, i need a upgrade =)) and a hp dc5750. The pink thing over the monitor is our “luser” that we spank some times after talking to the users. (look the knife in the head) The 3D eyeglasses are the my solution to my daltonism problem, so everything gets really messed. =)

What do you do in your free time?

I have dedicated my free time to packaging and studying to ITIL certifications.

Try to answer quickly, what do you think of, when you hear… …food?

Brazilian, feijoada, rabada, vaca atolada.




Rest =)

…website? is my friend =)

Anything you’d like to add…?

Good work for all and congratulations to this great project.


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2007-06-27 08:04 +0200

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