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MOTU Mentors logo I’m extremely proud of the new way MOTU is going to approach new contributors. Thank you everybody for contributing ideas to it.

The only thing before we get started is: we need more mentors. (Thank you: Reinhard Tartler, Emmet Hikory, Luke Yelavich, Brandon Holtsclaw, Sebastian Dröge, Raphaël Pinson and Sébastien Bacher for mentoring already.)

If you

  • know your way around in packaging and development processes and know who is who in the Ubuntu Community,
  • want to guide somebody through the initial steps as a Ubuntu developer,
  • have some small tasks (like easy merges, easy bugs, easy package updates, etc.) you want to let somebody else work on

please consider joining the MOTU Mentors and get in touch with the Mentoring Reception today.


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2007-05-24 08:34 +0200

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