A lot of exciting things have been going on lately…

Take the BugSquad for example: lots of contributors started off doing amazing work. I’m very grateful for that. One thing I observed though was that newcomers didn’t really know where to start. Who can blame them? There are around ~28000 bugs open at the moment. Therefore we started off the BugSquad diaries where the more experienced members can

  • share their knowledge
  • explain which bug lists you can look at
  • explain the tools you use

Bughelper has been a pet project of mine for quite a while now. Started off by Henrik Omma the project has gone a far way until now. The Bughelper team has grown a lot and we even got Markus Korn (who’s doing tremendous work) to work on a SoC project for Bughelper. Thanks to everybody who helped out on the way.

So what is bughelper for? What can it do? It’s designed to help sharing your bug triage knowledge. If you’re quite experienced with a package, you look at a bug and directly know which questions to ask or where to reassign it to. Why not feed your knowledge into a clue file, submit it to a bzr branch and let others do the work you do? http://daniel.holba.ch/bugs/ is a list of reports generated from the clue files we currently have. For more documentation on how to create clue files and submit them, look here.

Henrik and I registered specs for bughelper for UDS Sevilla over here.

MOTU: I gave a session about MOTU yesterday, which Steven Harms and Adrien Cunin have kindly agreed to repeat on Thu 26th Apr at 16:00 UTC. Lots of people attended it and there were many interesting questions. I’m quite happy how many people want to join the MOTU crew soon. These are interesting times in MOTU: we’re growing, we’re improving our mentoring, we have quite some work to do in the next weeks (think merges) and lots of excited and energized people. :-)

UDS-Sevilla specs over here.

Sébastien Bacher has announced the TODO list for the Desktop team - with the opening of Gutsy we’ll have quite some packages to merge with Debian and we’re happy to sponsor uploads and help you getting them sorted out. Join #ubuntu-desktop on irc.freenode.net to help out with that.

We’re looking for people to help out with all sorts of Desktop packages. One observation lots of people seem to make is “He touched it last, he must be the maintainer - I better leave him alone.” - we could do with lots of contributors, so if you like your Ubuntu Desktop and like to help out, Gutsy is going to be your release. :-)

We created the ubuntu-gnomemm team and we’re going to open some more teams - if you want to join, go ahead. If you want to help us create a new Desktop subteam, let us know.

The same goes for lots of other exciting teams and initiatives:

Make Gutsy a better release, join a team today!