March 23, 2007

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Fox in Berlin

I live in Berlin, not quite the middle of it, but surely not the outskirts. I saw the fox on a couple of evenings already and I’m glad my friend Martin saw him too in one of the evenings, so it’s not a figment of my imagination.

This morning I was out for a dogwalk and just crossing Reuterplatz, when Murphy started barking madly and ran in one corner of the park. It took me a bit until I recognized the fox and it was running at Murphy too. I yelled at Murphy to come back to me and chased the fox away - seems I was more intimidating than my dog. :-)

Some things worth noting:

  * even in the stress situation, Murphy listened quite well and came to me, when the fox was merely 10cm away from her,
  * Murphy directly recognized the fox as what it was. Given that [foxes]( also belong to the [family of Canidae,]( she never acted weird even if [some dogs look strange]( and some [make strange grunting noises]( - quite some achievement.
  * after all that commotion, the fox just curled up in the grass and enjoyed the sun
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