February 1, 2007

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Holy Cow

Holy Cow

Since Matthias ‘doko’ Klose and my brother have been good at leaking the story, here my few words on it.

Michal, the organiser of the “Cargo Cult” parties in Berlin’s L.U.X. called me some days before my birthday party and told me who’d be around on that night, as he’d be on vacation and told me gigglingly, that they had chosen a “birthday DJ name” for me. Of course I asked what the name was… all he said was “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Thomas already posted a picture of the posters, here’s a picture of the flyer.

NO, I’m not going to stick to that name.

But Matthias showing the flyer around during the Oslo sprint had its merits too: I finally know what the Cargo Cult is all about. Phillip, a friend of Henrik, was kind enough to tell us (among lots of other entertaing stories).

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