January 4, 2007

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Back in Berlin

The time in Vienna was incredible.

It wasn’t exactly quiet, but it was most relaxing to me. Thomas and I stayed with Christina and the girls she shares her flat with for nearly a week. Random things we did:

  * On New Year's Eve Thomas got a 'at home' haircut,
  * I cooked on two evenings (cheese fondue on one evening and duck in red curry on the other). This is something I really missed and greatly enjoyed,
  * I met an old friend I got to know on a train ride some years ago,
  * I bought records: apart from the usual Drum'n'Bass records, I managed to get hold of two [Bucovina](http://bucovina.de/) EPs (I ordered the LPs here in Berlin already) - although we listened to lots of music, this music became my personal Soundtrack of the week,
  * We met up with [Peter Liedler](https://launchpad.net/~peter-liedler), a congenial and very friendly Ubuntu user to eat Vienna's [most famous Schnitzel](http://figlmueller.at/),
  * We watched [Nacktschnecken](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0395216/), a very funny Austrian comedy (where some friends try to shoot a porno movie). I loved the Austrian dialect, but in some moments, I was glad Christina's DVD player was broken and showed the English subtitles along with the movie,
  * We also watched [Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0408777/) - which was great too,
  * I also enjoyed the Austrian-German language exchange, unfortunately I can't show off my Austrian, since most of the words are too dirty for public use,
  * We've been kart driving in Vienna's Prater,
  * and of course we've been to [Christina's favourite club](http://www.chelsea.co.at/) - where people high-fived me for wearing an Ubuntu shirt! ;-)

We’ve also been hanging around a lot but Christina and her girls made it worth our while. I should have visited her much earlier and I’m sure to get back to Vienna soon again. Fortunately, Mimi and Christina will be in Berlin in early February for the Gotan Project concert.

Update: my brother has hilarious pictures in his blog.

Update: My sister has hilarious pictures too.

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