My laptop, a second-hand X40 has had a tough time until now. I take it with me a lot, use it everywhere and I’m not the kind of user taking it out of a fancy bag and putting it only on a specially covered kind of table. I loved the laptop for bearing with me and being just as robust and forgiving as I expected it to be.

I replaced some parts of it already and when I called the IBM support guy the third time, he wondered if I took good care of my laptop. I was too taken aback to think of a good reply, but the buzzing power supply and the broken harddisk which was the first owner’s fault, had nothing to do with me.

When I knocked over a full glass of water yesterday, had emptied its contents into the laptop and the first shock had worn off, I silently agreed with the support guy. The screen and the power LED went black at once, I jumped up, pulled out the battery and power supply and poured water out of it: there was water in the PCMCIA slot, in the keyboard, running out of the fan, everywhere. After leaving three hours in the sun, with Michael Vogt’s instructions, I managed to open up the keyboard and saw still water on the processor.

Matthias Klose stopped me from trying out the laptop yesterday and told me to wait at least 24h - so I resisted the urge to look for a replacement throughout the day, woke up early today and worked the laptop with the hairdryer. After some minutes, I put back the power supply and keeping some distance between me and the laptop (I still had those pictures in mind), I pressed the power button and it booted!

I’m writing this blog entry from the laptop that was drenched in water… I guess I got quite lucky. (The thing that worried me most of yesterday’s evening was that it would have been harder for me to “record mix” tapes.)


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2006-09-26 08:27 +0200

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