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It feels like years ago, when I started this page on the Ubuntu wiki - still I think that most of it is still valid and a good start to gather people around an idea and to get going.

I didn’t think much about it, when I started the Telepathy team some days ago. For me it was more of a try to get as many people involved as possible and get Telepathy packages for Edgy. It didn’t take long for the first people to join the team, since lots were interested in shiny new technology. Soon we had some nice wiki pages, with all the source of tarballs, VCSes, where to talk to people, etc.

I’m happy to say that Launchpad made our job very very easy: once team members were approved and Upstream products created, we could use bzr branches together, hack on each other’s package, identify problems and fix them within minutes. It was quite common to say “I checked the copyright, but somebody else could have another look.” - it sometimes took only minutes to get it done and be finished with it.

If you look at the amount of work the team achieved in little time, I’m very much impressed and would like to thank each and everyone of them.

The quick and seemless working was an amazing experience for everybody and other parts of Launchpad will make our work in maintaing the packages even easier: The list of bugs is only one example for it.

I’m quite sure that with these tools around, the ‘Team Howto’ will need to change, but expect other teams to emerge quite soon (if not, start your own!) and it’ll be a pleasure to see them all do good work.

Smaller teams are what we need in several ways:

  * It's easier to have an overview over packages, bugs, ...,
  * new team members are less scared to join and ask questions,
  * ...

Don’t forget to announce your team, your ideas and add it here.


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2006-09-27 13:51 +0200

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