Upgrading to Ubuntu 6.06

The “To do the upgrade, edit your /etc/apt/sources.list, …"-game is over. Finally!

Michael Vogt worked very hard to make upgrading to a new release the overall pleasurable experience that Ubuntu in general is. Let’s have a look how it works.

1. Run gksu “update-manager -d” and type in your password afterwards.

2. Find out there’s a new Ubuntu release to upgrade to - click the “Upgrade” button!

3. Read the release notes and find out about all the shiny new stuff that the Ubuntu developers worked so hard on.

4. Watch the dist-upgrader do its calculations.

5. See what it presents you with. The fancy thing about Michael’s tool is: it will resolve conflicts on its own, respect your choices about software and make sure you benefit of all the transitions that happened behind the scenes.

6. Watch the upgrade happen, do the dishes in the meantime, go shopping, etc. Note: the planning of your activities is depending on the speed of your network connection. :-p

7. Let it remove the cruft.

8. Watch the clean up happen.

9. Restart your system.

Thank you Michael for working on this - it will make life much easier.

If you happen to be in Paris - be sure to get him a beer. :-)


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2006-05-21 15:24 +0200

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