Nobody prepared me for this

Having read this (don’t have the original link) in my early OpenSource years, I never questioned it and took it for granted. You could say that it formed my views on how KDE and how GNOME developers are. However yesterday’s night showed me how far from the truth that was. Ellen Reitmayr took me to Bar25 - a lovely place to hang out all night outside or as somebody pointed out, even the whole weekend. During the whole evening, I was introduced to a lot of Berlinian or semi-Berlinian crooks, Scott Wheeler among them. It was funny that Ellen, Scott and I all had lived in Mannheim for a while, so we could annoy the surrounding people by recollections, what was in M4, G2 or whatever. We had a brilliant evening. The music was full of energy and the whole place was just nice. Rereading the first paragraphs of ‘Experimental Culture’, I can’t really say that the KDE guys are reserved, only listen to quiet classical music, etc.

This morning I feel like having drunken rum out of big mugs the whole night.

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2006-04-29 12:51 +0200

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