Berlin nights

DJ Patife paid a visit to Berlin and to celebrate the looong weekend, I really wanted to go there. So I met up with Matthias and had a good time at Il Casolare - an amazing pizzeria just right at the Planufer in Kreuzberg. After being watered and fed, we brought home Murphy and went straight through the Görlitzer Park to the Watergate.

Having been there before, I really looked forward to it - it’s a nice location with a very nice view on the Spree and when the big Universal logo on the other site is lit in different colours on the night, it reflects on the water - I need to take a picture of that. What expected us there was nothing that worried me; a small queue was standing there, I imagined they were all taken care of. Once it was our turn, I was asked if we were on “the list”, even now it didn’t occur to me, that this might be a problem. As we weren’t on the list, we were told that “they had a constant overplus of males” and that we couldn’t get in. - WTH? After telling him, that this has never been a problem before and there was no mention of “invited people only” on any of the announces, he didn’t change his mind. I am still upset about the fascistic attitude - “overplus of males” - a simple and friendly “sorry, we’re maxed out, try again in 1-2 hours” would have been something completely different.

YUCK on Watergate! I can’t imagine going there again anytime soon.

After that we went to the Sofia (Wrangelstraße) - a tiny bar, which always looked kind of nice from the outside. It was a strange atmosphere, as the music was weird rock music with crackpot German texts. But as I calmed down a bit, I enjoyed it there. We were chatting for quite a long time and a cute pair of girls was having Tequilla the whole time at the next table. They started snogging animatedly and after some time - I really didn’t want to intrude on their privacy, I just couldn’t help but listen - one of those girls tried to explain in quite an intellectual way, why they couldn’t go home together. That was just so sad to watch. I hope those guys have the change to make it up again. All in all, it was a nice evening - even if I anticipated something quite different.


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2006-04-14 11:20 +0200

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