On Jani Monoses' last visit to Berlin he saw an old 350 Mhz, 160 MB RAM box in the corner of a room. It was my old router, which I didn’t need anymore and always watched out for a purpose to use it again. I didn’t know that the instruction already existed, but I roughly did the same. It didn’t take long and I was impressed:

  • It looked nice
  • It was snappy, even on this old box
  • the choice of default applications was a good start

Daniel T. Chen and Jani Monoses did awesome work in putting the bits and pieces together and shape the Xfce Ubuntu flavour.

If you have an old box standing around, an old computer you use just to rest your feet on or know of a youth club with old computers who still run Windows98 - use Xubuntu. I see this as a big chance for development countries without brand-new spanking hardware as well.

The Xubuntu team needs your help.

  • Testers are welcome.
  • New Artwork is needed
  • Documentation is needed
  • People to join the community and discuss where to go with Xfce will emerge
  • Bugs have to be fixed
  • New apps to be added
  • The spec to be improved and all the TODO items on it cleared
  • Jane Weideman would like to add that cake bakers are needed

There’s a Xubuntu Meeting at 14:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting

As you can see there is enough to be done and with Daniel T. Chen and Jani Monoses you have the chance to work with two very nice guys, who have the best for Xubuntu at heart.

Thanks for your efforts and Long Live Xubuntu!


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2006-03-22 10:47 +0100

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